A real and lively farm

Our farm is still a real farm with main-earnings like dairy cattle, horse breeding and serviced alpine pasture. This means – approx. 20 cows are milked twice a day and 30 calves are fed and accommodated. 

We live  in the valley bottom on 860m, the farm exists more than hundred years – meadows, woods and a beautiful mountain pasture on the Stubnerkogel belong to the estate.

For generations Norico-Pinzgauer horses are at home on the Zittrauerhof. During summer all horses and a big part of our cattle are brought up to the mountain pasture on the Stubnerkogel. Grandfather Hias takes care of the animals on the pasture and brings down fresh milk every day to the valley. Gladly we can deliver an insight into the life on the pasture.

In the newly built children´s stable on the Zittrauerhof also small animals are now at home. It all started with two goats and a few pigs but now we have also rabbits, cats, pony Sissy and Iceland mare Kria. The stable has become a nice meeting point for all the kids.

Due to the circle of nature there is a lot of work to do during the year: in spring all the fences are repaired and everything needs to be prepared for the hay harvest. The animals need to be brought to the meadows and there is a lot of animal offspring during spring.

During summer there is the most work to do: hay harvest, products from the garden need to be harvested and processed, the animals are brought up to the pasture. In autumn all the fruits are harvested and the animals are brought to the meadows every day. Look over our shoulder and get to know our farm and daily works.

The quality of our products is very important for us: from our own farm and co-operative farms a lot of products like milk, butter, cheese, yoghurt, bread, bacon, liquors, schnaps and jams are produced – you definitely will like these products which are also obtainable in our small shop.