Animals on the farm

Everything - which is expected on the farm …

…is scrimmaging on the farm. We are a dairy farm and are rearing Holstein-cows predominantly. Approx. 20 cows and 35 calves are fed, milked and looked after by the farmer. Fresh milk for breakfast is free of charge for our house guests. From June to August a main part of the cows is brought up to the mountain pasture. Cows in calf and new born calves stay on the farm and are brought to the surrounded meadows every day. If you are lucky a new born calf or sweet kittens are on the farm during your stay. There is always a lot to see on the farm…


Capture the heart of the animals…

Adorable pets can be found in our children´s pets stall, which is open until 7pm every day:

  • mountain goat Heidi and Hanni,
  • Shetland mare Poidi and Iceland mare Kria,
  • pigs named  Schmatzi and  Grunzi, Max and Moritz,
  • sweet rabbits and a lot of sweet kittens with its chief tomcat Felix,
  • and our dog Asta.

The animals can be touched and fondled. For most children this is the first contact with animals on a farm, which they will never forget.

Asta – our dog (Appenzeller) - has a few important tasks: She is welcoming our guests with her fondling and helps the farmer with bringing the cows onto the meadows on the pasture and on the farm. She also likes when the farmer brings her with him on the Jeep. A highlight was the birth of her 7 puppies in 2010.

Horse rearing

In the Gasteinertal breeding of Noriker horses is an old tradition. On our farm we have 5 beautiful mares, which old farmer Hias adores. They are also on the pasture during summer. In winter they are staying in the newly built horse stable with big boxes. It is very important for us that the horses are very often on the meadows as this calms them down and they are much happier.  Also in winter they are on the meadows for some rolling in the snow.

Animals on the farm

Tiere am Zittrauerhof

Rabbits, calves,...

Häschen, Kälbchen,...

Horses in the snow

Pferde im Schnee

Horses in the meadows

Ponyfohlen auf der Weide

 More videos can be found on YouTube Channel!

Further pictures of animals on our farm!